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3 Tips on Snowshoeing in Spring Conditions

What's not to like about this simple pleasure Snowshoeing in spring is a wonderful thing and if you're new to the idea then welcome to the best time to get outside and enjoy yourself in the snow....

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What is the attraction to Snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is one of the fastest growing and most popular winter outdoor activities in North America and Europe, according to information recently published by Snowsports Industries of America (SI...

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Combating Winter Laziness & Weight Gain

The winter season can be a difficult one when it comes to weight management. The roads and trails we usually use to jog tend to be covered in snow and nearly inaccessible in the usual manner. It’s imp...

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What is the best entry level snowshoe on the market?

Eva foam snowshoes are certainly the most unique offering in the category and may be the best entry level snowshoe on the market because it is the only one that doesn’t require, or rely upon a pivo...

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Snowshoe Trail Running

When someone finds out about the mountains, one of the first questions they seem to ask everyone is whether or not they ski. Sure, skiing is a great outdoor sport; however, there is another enduran...

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