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Snowshoe Trail Running

Snowshoe Trail Running

Posted by Crescent Moon on Apr 3rd 2020

When someone finds out about the mountains, one of the first questions they seem to ask everyone is whether or not they ski. Sure, skiing is a great outdoor sport; however, there is another endurance sport called snowshoe trail running. This is one of the most underrated winter endurance sports out there. This is another great way for someone to explore the beauty of the great outdoors. In many ways, snowshoe trail running is the natural extension of snowshoeing. For those who are interested in snowshoe trail running, there are some key points to know.

What is Snowshoe Trail Running?

In general, snowshoe trail running is exactly what it sounds like. It takes the walking and hiking of snowshoeing and makes it into a run; however, it is far different from running around a track. When someone decides to take up snowshoe trail running, it is important to ease into this new activity. There are a few reasons why.

Snowshoe Running: How Do You Do It?

First, you are going to be much heavier when you take up this sport. People wear long sleeves, long pants, heavy jackets, special shoes, and more. All of this is going to add a few extra pounds. This is part of the challenge.

Next, most people take up snowshoe trail running at high altitudes. Up here, the air is much thinner. This means that people are going to tire out more quickly. Therefore, uphills and downhills are going to take more out of someone. It is important to start low and go slow.

When people hear this, they might wonder if they are ready for snowshoe trail running. The good news is that anyone who can run outside can take up snowshoe trail running. The goal of this activity is to build aerobic capacity. Snowshoe trail running is harder than running on typical trails, particularly if the powder is deep. The more people run, the better they will get.

Finally, remember to hydrate. People often don’t realize how much they sweat during this activity because it is cold outside. The body is still going to sweat a tremendous amount. Don’t get dehydrated.

Snowshoe Running: What About the Shoes?

People are going to need special shoes in order to take up snowshoe trail running. In general, most snowshoes are going to be pretty similar. Opt for snowshoes that have powerful bindings that will prevent them from coming off. Be sure to try on the shoes before making a purchase as well. Those who have questions will want to go with foam snowshoes. These shoes are relatively light, making them easier to use. They will stay on the feet as well. Those who are getting started in snowshoe trail running might want to try renting a few different pairs first. Then, once they find a pair they like, they can make the purchase.

Snowshoe Running: Are Poles Necessary?

Those who have tried snowshoeing before have likely used hiking poles. They can be helpful for going uphill and downhill. When it comes to snowshoe trail running, poles are still optional; however, most people do not use them. In general, snowshoe trail running takes place on groomed trails. This means that it is harder for someone to lose his or her balance. Furthermore, the faster people run, the more of a hassle the poles are going to be. Therefore, most people tend to leave them behind. Those who are first starting out may still want them for the comfort factor.

Snowshoe Running: Are There Races?

Yes! There are races for snowshoe trail running that take place at all levels! Once people get more comfortable with the idea of snowshoe trail running, a race is a great test. There are plenty of opportunities to get out there and meet some fellow racers. Why not try out a snowshoe race?

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