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10 Popular Things to Do While Snowshoeing

10 Popular Things to Do While Snowshoeing

Posted by Crescent Moon on Sep 5th 2023

Snowshoeing is a captivating winter activity that opens up a world of adventure and exploration in snowy landscapes. As you strap on your  snowshoes and make your way through glistening trails, you'll find that this outdoor pursuit offers a unique blend of tranquility, exercise, and stunning scenery. Whether you're a seasoned snowshoer or a newcomer to the sport, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to engage in while snowshoeing. 

What to Do for Fun While Snowshoeing

Let's delve into some of the most popular things to do while snowshoeing that will enhance your experience and make your winter outings even more memorable.

Nature Photography

With your camera in hand, snowshoeing provides the perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of winter landscapes. The sparkling snow, towering trees, and serene surroundings create an enchanting backdrop for nature photography. Snap photos of intricate snowflakes, wildlife tracks, and the play of light on the snow-covered landscape.

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Wildlife Watching

Venturing into the winter wilderness on snowshoes allows you to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Keep an eye out for tracks left by animals and their signs, such as nests and burrows. You might spot elusive creatures like deer, rabbits, foxes, and even owls. Make sure to bring binoculars for a closer look.

Winter Birding

Snow-covered trails also attract a variety of winter birds. As you snowshoe, keep an ear out for bird calls and watch for flashes of color against the snowy backdrop. Bring along a bird guidebook to identify species, and consider bringing birdseed to attract feathered friends.


Combine the thrill of treasure hunting with snowshoeing by trying geocaching in winter. Geocaches hidden along the trails add an extra layer of excitement to your outdoor adventure. Use a GPS device or smartphone app to search for hidden containers and enjoy the challenge of the hunt.

Snowshoe Running

For those seeking an invigorating workout, snowshoe running offers a fantastic cardiovascular challenge. Strap on lightweight snowshoes designed for running and experience the thrill of gliding over the snow while boosting your fitness levels.

Winter Camping

Extend your snowshoeing adventure by planning a winter camping trip. Choose a campsite that is easily accessible by snowshoe, and set up a cozy campsite amidst the snowy landscape. The crisp air and starlit nights create a magical atmosphere for winter camping.

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Yoga and Meditation

Immerse yourself in a serene winter wonderland by incorporating yoga and meditation into your snowshoeing experience. Find a tranquil spot along the trail, lay down your mat, and practice yoga poses or engage in mindful meditation surrounded by the peacefulness of nature.

Snowshoe Races and Events

Participating in snowshoe races and events can add a competitive edge to your snowshoeing outings. Many areas host snowshoe races of varying lengths and difficulties, allowing you to challenge yourself and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Winter Picnics

Pack a thermos with hot beverages and a hearty winter picnic to enjoy during your snowshoeing adventure. Find a scenic spot to stop, take a break, and savor the warmth of your meal while surrounded by the tranquility of the snow-covered landscape.

Night Snowshoeing

Embark on a thrilling night snowshoeing adventure that offers a unique perspective on the winter landscape. Strap on a headlamp, follow the moonlit trails, and experience the magic of snowshoeing under the stars.

Go Beyond Snowshoeing with an Array of Activities

Snowshoeing offers an array of activities that go beyond simply traversing snowy trails. Whether you're seeking solitude, exercise, wildlife encounters, or simply a connection with nature, there's something for everyone to enjoy while snowshoeing. As you embark on your snowshoeing journeys, embrace the magic of winter and the boundless possibilities that this outdoor activity presents.

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