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Snow Flotation in Snowshoes

Snow Flotation in Snowshoes

Posted by Crescent Moon on Mar 13th 2023

Snow flotation is an important concept to understand when it comes to snowshoeing. Simply put, snow flotation refers to the ability of a snowshoe to support the weight of the person using it and keep them from sinking into the snow. Snow flotation in snowshoes is achieved through its design, size, and shape.

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Snow Flotation in Snowshoes

Snowshoes come in various sizes, and the size you choose will depend on the type of snowshoeing you'll be doing and your weight. A snowshoe that is too small won't provide enough flotation, which will make it more difficult to walk and could result in you sinking into the snow. On the other hand, a snowshoe that is too large will be cumbersome and make it difficult to walk and maneuver.

Snowshoe Design

The design of a snowshoe also plays a role in its flotation. Some snowshoes have a flat deck, while others have a rounded or teardrop shape. The shape of the snowshoe affects its flotation by determining how much surface area is in contact with the snow. A snowshoe with a larger surface area will provide more flotation and be better for deeper snow.

Type of Snow

The type of snow also plays a role in snow flotation. For example, fresh, powdery snow provides more flotation than wet, heavy snow. When snowshoeing in deep, powdery snow, you'll need less flotation than when snowshoeing in wet, heavy snow. This is because the wet, heavy snow is more likely to compress and cause you to sink into it.

Body Weight

Snow flotation is also affected by the weight of the person using the snowshoe. Heavier people will need a snowshoe with more flotation, while lighter people can use a snowshoe with less flotation. If you're not sure what size snowshoe you need, consult a specialist at Crescent Moon to see which one works best for you.

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In conclusion, snow flotation in snowshoes is an important aspect of snowshoeing that can greatly impact your experience on the trail. By understanding the factors that affect snow flotation, you can choose the right snowshoe for your needs and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable snowshoeing experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced snowshoer, Crescent Moon offers snowshoes for all ages and all experience levels.

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