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Best Places to Snowshoe in England

Best Places to Snowshoe in England

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 15th 2022

For those of you that are not familiar with snowshoeing, it is a wonderful way to enjoy the cold weather while getting a great workout. Snowshoeing is not a new phenomenon. It dates back 6,000 years to Central Asia. It enabled people to traverse the wilderness to find food and trade wares. Snowshoes were first initially made of wood and rawhide, making them heavy to wear and difficult to walk in.

Today, it is made of plastic and lightweight metal with Velcro bindings. While it is no longer used to maintain a livelihood, it is a great outdoor sport that is now enjoyed around the world.

What Makes Snowshoeing Fun

Snowshoeing is not only a unique activity, but it also involves breathtaking views and a variety of terrain. There are many outdoor activities, but many, such as skiing and snowboarding, take athletic skills. But snowshoeing takes no particular skill or athletic experience. You can even learn how to snowshoe for beginners almost anywhere in the world! It's also a fun way to introduce the youngsters to winter activities.

Most that advance their skill in snowshoeing move on to enjoy many other wintertime sporting activities as well. It can be an easily way to become acquainted to cold weather and snow.

Not that you need any more excuses to go snowshoe, but here are additional reasons to get out and enjoy the snow:

  • Burn calories and get in shape
  • Full-body workout for all ages
  • Participate in any country
  • Unlike skiing and snowboarding; there's no extra costs
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Durable, high-quality equipment last a long time

Best Places to Snowshoe in England

While England may not be the first place you think of when you are considering a snowshoeing adventure, there are actually a number of trails throughout its countryside. Here are the best places to snowshoe in the UK:

Seaham and Beacon Point via Durham Coastal Path

This is a beautiful and easy route if you are a beginner, taking about 1.5 hours to complete the nearly 4-mile trail. The area features lovely coastal terrain with beautiful forest views and stone bridges. There are also plenty of convenient areas to park and is close to public transportation.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Length: 3.9 miles
  • Elevation: 423 feet
  • Route Type: Loop

Rose and Crown Ivinghoe Beacon Walk

This is a family-friendly area with two of the oldest paths the Ridgeway and Icknield trails. The path winds through rolling hills, lush countryside, and a steep descent, perfect backdrop to snowshoe. You will pass old cottages, gates, and pastures that are full of livestock in the spring and summer.

  • Skill Level: Moderate
  • Length: 4.3 miles
  • Elevation: 738 feet
  • Route Type: Loop

South Holmwood and Coldharbour Circular 

Set in gorgeous Surrey, England. It is a moderate level path to be avoided by beginners. The route goes through farmlands and forests through Coldharbour and Leith Hill. In addition to winter snowshoeing, it is a popular area in the spring and fall for hikes, birdwatching, and camping.

  • Skill Level: Moderate
  • Length: 12.1 miles
  • Elevation: 2,043 feet
  • Route Type: Loop

Dagenham to Goresbrook Park 

Considered an easy snowshoe route, the trail typically takes less than an hour from start to finish. It is set in a quiet with many paths. In addition to winter snowshoeing, the area tends to be uncrowded for maximum enjoyment. The path is open all year long for outdoor activities.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Length: 2.9 miles
  • Elevation: 141 feet
  • Route Type: In and out

Chessington and Lorikeet Lagoon 

Another snowshoeing adventure set in the gorgeous area of Surrey, the terrain consists of gentle slopes and just one steep hill. The route does pass through a couple of busy streets to maneuver. The Chessington and Lorikeet Lagoon is a 5.3-mile loop, well-known for snowshoeing, hiking, and spring and summer cycling. 

Skill Level: Easy

Length: 5.3 miles

Elevation: 1,122 feet

Route Type: Loop

Overall, England is an ideal choice for snowshoeing for apparent reasons: the gorgeous landscape and terrain, easy trails for all experience levels, and so much more!

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