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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
What is the best entry level snowshoe on the market?

What is the best entry level snowshoe on the market?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Oct 21st 2020

Eva foam snowshoes are certainly the most unique offering in the category and may be the best entry level snowshoe on the market because it is the only one that doesn’t require, or rely upon a pivoting hinge mechanism (which can be awkward) to accommodate the natural rotation of your foot. Instead, its designed to be a rocker and bends and flexes with each step you take – just like a pair of hoka running shoes. What could be more familiar to your foot than a snowshoe that works like every other shoe in your closet?

Best Foam Snowshoes

Crescent Moon has been making award winning snowshoes for over 21 years 

And in this month’s OUTSIDE magazine (October 2018) “BEST GEAR for 2019” there are 2 models of Crescent Moon snowshoes on the top 4 list, the Backcountry Snowshoe for Men and the Backcountry snow shoe model for women. And Crescent Moon has just learned that it is one of the 32 finalists for the INNOVATION Award for the Eva foam snowshoe – that’s out of all outdoor gear products. The Eva looks and feels like no other snowshoe, it has no moving parts to break, a simple Velcro binding which is intuitive and understandable for novices and experts alike, it is virtually impossible to trip with the Eva s on – as opposed to aluminum and plastic framed snowshoes, they are lightweight, make no mechanical sounds, and allow you to walk or run normally making them more familiar and comfortable than any other snowshoe design. They are recommended for both men and women on trails and flat to rolling terrain, they can accommodate a large range of foot sizes from 6 to 15 and they make snowshoeing easier, less intimidating and more approachable because of their unique and “friendly” design. 

We believe the Eva Foam Snowshoe is a great way to get started in snowshoeing

Consider the Eva snowshoe a "gateway" snowshoe if you will, because honestly the traditional or more technical snowshoes on the market today are, to many beginners and recreational snowshoers, just too much. Too intimidating and not appropriate for what many snowshoers are looking for – just a simple pair of snowshoes to go walk around their favorite trails. We think it could attract a whole new kind of customer to the snowshoe category and frankly, the category isn’t growing, so a new approach is what we’re trying to do. Eva foam snowshoes will fill that slot better than any other snowshoe on the market. If you’d like a different approach to snowshoeing, consider the Eva Foam snowshoe because it’s simple, fun, and makes your first outing better than any other.

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