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Foam Snowshoes For Ice Fishing

There is nothing better than a day on the ice doing what you love. Ice fishing is an activity that many who live in the colder climates enjoy and can be easy to do with just some basic equipment. I...

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Do Snowshoes Have a Left and Right?

When buying snowshoes, it can be common to wonder if there is a left and right snowshoes just like with other footwear. If you purchase universal snowshoes, both snowshoes will fit on either your l...

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What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear Snowshoeing?

Snowshoes come in different types for the terrain and your boots and other gear should match your specific snowshoe model. For challenging terrain, rigid and sturdy boots work well. Crescent Moon&n...

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Snowshoe Safety

Snowshoeing is, all things considered, an extremely safe winter activity when undertaken with proper preparation and common-sense caution. It’s an activity open to an amazingly wide swath of ages a...

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The Top Five Essential Snowshoe Safety Tips

There are lots of ways to enjoy the snow; however, one of the most popular is snowshoeing. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, clean air, blue skies, and everything the mou...

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Anatomy of Snowshoes

If you try to walk through a few meters of freshly fallen snow in boots or tennis shoes then your feet will sink through the snow. However, if you were to strap on a pair of snowshoes, you could ea...

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