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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Vehicle Safety Winter Snowshoe Kit

Vehicle Safety Winter Snowshoe Kit

Posted by Crescent Moon on Feb 5th 2021

If you live in the northern part of the states, or in the mountains where snow can become an issue, you should have a vehicle safety kit packed in your trunk area. Flat tires, spins outs, accidents, and other problems inevitably arise when we least expect them to, being prepared is essential. Beyond a first aid kit, jumper cables, and the other obvious essentials, we believe that a headlamp, telescopic shovel, and a pair of lightweight foam snowshoes should also always be in your car in case of an emergency. 


Headlamp for Vehicle safety kit

Don't be left in the dark on your adventures with the Crescent Moon Headlamp. Ready for the outdoors, this headlamp offers four different light modes as well as a sensor mode. Powered by a rechargeable white LED light, this headlamp is your go to for outdoor activities! We suggest you leave this in your vehicle year round in case you have a roadside emergency. Accidents, spins outs, and wildlife often cause major safety issues and having a headlamp available will allow you to see and more importantly, be seen. 

Telescoping Shovel with D-Handle

 Telescoping Shovel with D-Handle for Vehicle Safety Kit  Telescoping Shovel with D-Handle for Vehicle Safety Kit

The Snow Shovel is 3-piece construction for compact storage in a trunk, under a car seat or in your trekking bag, you can easily take the snow scoop around, ideal for truck, SUV, recreational vehicle or snowmobile. This Compact Snow Shovel is an ergonomic design, with a straight handle and D grip that lets you easily adjust the pushing angle and throw snow. The slightly curved scoop makes the removal of wet snow easier and helps lighten the load to reduce the risk of back injuries. If you are driving in the snow, having a small lightweight shovel that can handle heavy duty snow is a great idea. If you get stuck and your spinning tires or you end up in the ditch, sometimes you can move a bit of snow out of the way and get yourself free again. 

Foam Snowshoes

Best foam snowshoes for Vehicle Safety Kit

It doesn’t get much simpler or more intuitive than hook and loop! The Velcro-like material is “military grade”, specifically designed to resist snow and ice buildup. These foam snowshoes are so lightweight that it feels like you're walking on clouds, and, unlike other snowshoes, they are completely silent.

Both The Eva foam snowshoes and the Luna foam snowshoes are ideal for your winter safety kit that stays in your vehicle. They are lightweight, easy to get on, and help you to trek through snow without added bulk. Leaving these in your vehicle all winter will ensure that they will be there if the need arises. 

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