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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Best Snowshoes for Running

Best Snowshoes for Running

Posted by Crescent Moon on Oct 15th 2021

Snowshoe running is a great way to remain active during the winter months. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of winter while being active. It can be a hobby or a competitive sport. In the past, it helped those survive on remote mountains because it helped traders move across regions that were not accessible.

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What is Snowshoe Running?

Snowshoe running is literally running over snow with special footwear to help you. Snowshoes help to prevent snow from accumulating and allow you to move effectively. Snowshoe running is a sport that is quickly growing. Anyone can do it. If you can run, you are able to snowshoe run. It is easy to start and burns more calories than running on the road. Snowshoe running is twice as hard are running on the road. Running on snow helps to reduce the impact on your joints.

What are the Best Snowshoes for Running?

Crescent moon makes a large number of snowshoes, but there are two that are best for running. They are the Luna foam snowshoe and the trail run aluminum snowshoe.

The trail aluminum snowshoe has a flexible binding that conforms to your foot, creating the perfect fit. They provide comfort and support all day. The straps are waterproof and will not stretch or freeze. The aluminum frame is an aircraft-grade tubing that is durable, lightweight, and strong. The traction system is a three-claw crampon to ensure you keep your balance.

The Luna foam snowshoe has a simple design, including a hook and loop binding system to keep them secure. The military-grade material is similar to velcro that resists ice and snow from building up on the shoe. These shoes are lightweight and silent. The foam snowshoe has lugs made from durable rubber and ice spikes ideal for hard-packed and icy snow. In addition, the shoe has a flexible rocker that rolls and bends with your foot and provides additional cushioning for comfort.

aluminum running snowshoes for running

What is the Difference Between Foam vs. Aluminum Snowshoes?

Foam snowshoes take a traditional design and improve upon it to make snowshoe running more accessible and more fun. They feel comfortable like sneakers because they flex and bend just like your foot naturally moves. Foam snowshoes feel like a natural extension of your foot. Foam snowshoes that have ice spikes are versatile and give you maximum grip. The foam helps to keep your feet warm as you walk. The foam also helps to absorb shock and provides a firmer bottom. These snowshoes are ideal for the recreational snowshoer. They are durable, which makes them great snowshoes for someone new to snowshoe running.

Aluminum snowshoes are the traditional version of a snowshoe. They have been tested and have proven to be reliable. Traditionalists prefer aluminum-framed snowshoes. They have crampons that dig into the rugged and challenging ground. These snowshoes are strong but light. They have durable material decking attached to the frame. The decking may be made from nylon, plastic, urethane, polyester, or rubber. This type of snowshoe is easy to care for and maintain in season and out of season. Aluminum snowshoes are the most common and preferred by most. 

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