The Gold 10 backcountry snowshoes feature a modified tear drop shaped frame to maximize maneuverability and provide enough surface area to “float” you and your pack.  This combination of design features and components makes the best backcountry snowshoes for all conditions, on or off trails.  Large enough and light enough to float you and your backpack full of cheddar and stout across vast tracks of land buried in bottomless snow.  The binding on the Gold 10 is a larger version of the dual cam locking design Crescent Moon puts on all its Gold series of shoes, but the “larger” version fits up to size 15 and down to approximately size 10 (men’s).  A perfect fit for you Sasquatched sized guys. The Gold 10 also has an additional set of traversing claws located on each side of your foot, near the ball and where you exert the greatest pressure and control whenever you find yourself on icy, steep conditions.   The traction is strategically located, as opposed to other brands who position their crampons ostentatiously dense across the bottom of the shoe adding unnecessary weight.  At Crescent Moon,  we try to achieve a balanced approach to shape, weight, purpose and form in an attempt to make the best backcountry snowshoes possible.


Manly snowshoes, and highly recommended for work, or play, in conditions where you’re going through unconsolidated snow or carrying a big pack. or a 36″ long snowshoe, the Gold 17s are remarkably lightweight, and for hiking across untracked deep snow (where even the huskies don’t go) they provide outstanding floatation, enhanced traction, and quiet trekking because of the flexible ‘TGS’ decking used. The Gold 17 features the larger version of the SPL binding and will accommodate up to size 15, including snowboard boots. So, start the expedition, and remember, if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.


The perfect size for most day hikes and trails. Exceptional maneuverability, going uphill or down, traversing, walking, or even running, the Gold 9 is best for snowshoers under 195lbs. The single-pull-loop binding fits a wide range of feet between sizes 5 and 11 and provides a perfect and athletic fit. Choose from 2 incredible, eye-popping frame finishes; lollipop blue and bombastic brass.  Find your bliss as follows: 1) Put your feet in a better place,  2) your head is sure to follow.

Silver 10

The Silver 10 is recommended for recreational snowshoers up to 225 lbs.,including your gear, and is designed for on or off trail adventuring.The Silver 10 binding features a cam-locking buckle system which is easy to use and provides a comfortable,athletic fit for shoe sizes up to 11. The Silver 10 is remarkably lightweight and maneuverable and features a unique 3 claw aluminum traction system that really bites on hard-pack. Polished aluminum finish,TIG welded, tear-drop shaped frame, and all the features and benefits that make Crescent Moon an outstanding snowshoe at a great value.  Ready when you are, Hi-ho Silver!

Silver 17

Like its Gold cousin, the Silver 17’s are some mighty large snowshoes. Recommended for recreational snowshoers and their gear up to 300 lbs, the Silver 17s are ideal for off trail exploration. In spite of their size, these are the lightest “large” snowshoes on the market. The Silver 17 features a cam-locking buckle binding system which accommodates sizes up to 11. If you’re headed off trail or breaking it, the Silver 17s will provide you with fantastic flotation as you tackle the tundra. If your feet are larger than size 11, consider the XL version of the SPL binding on the Gold 17, which will fit up to size 15. So, get ready, get set, go explore!

Silver 9

The Silver series of shoes was introduced to provide all the advantages of the teardrop shaped frame unique to Crescent Moon with components that make it lower in price than the Gold series of shoes. The lightweight Silver 9 is designed for mountain and trail hiking and snowshoers who want an athletic performance from their equipment at a great value. It is a versatile trail shoe and recommended for snowshoers who weight up to 195lbs. It features a cam-locking buckle binding system made of waterproof materials that will not come loose, even in very wet conditions and a heel tightening strap which adjusts with a simple pull. The Silver 9 is an excellent all-around shoe featuring a 3 claw aluminum traction system and a polished aluminum, TIG welded frame. The binding will accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes up to size 11. Terrific introductory snowshoes for mountain trails, parks, or right out your own backyard.