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Where are the Best Places to Snowshoe in New Mexico?

Where are the Best Places to Snowshoe in New Mexico?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 19th 2021

New Mexico is an enchanted land of contradiction. If you have never been or only visited a small section, you may think of dry deserts, but the fact is that the state holds a reputation for being a ski, snowboard, and snowshoe hot spot. There are miles upon miles of nature trails, scenic mountain views, and veritable ecosystems to keep any outdoor enthusiast busy.

Here are some of the top-rated places snowshoe in New Mexico for those who want to explore the cold wonderland in the mountainous southwest area and explore for days, or make an epic adventure and do a tour of the state and explore every corner.

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Snowshoe in the Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest just sounds like a magical place to explore! Do you want to do more than just trek and return to your car? There is a snowshoe hike up the mountain to the halfway point yurt, then sleeping yurts that are a 1/4 mile apart from each other for privacy. This snowshoe hike will take most of your day, but camping in a warm yurt high in the Enchanted Forest is worth every scenic step.

Calles Caldera offers Otherworldly Snowshoe Adventures.

Valles Caldera is a thirteen-mile-wide volcanic caldera is a wonderment for geologists and nature lovers. In the winter, you can enjoy trekking the vast area in snowshoes and enjoying otherworldly sights. There are even guided moonlight tours on specific dates that are bucket-list-worthy.

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Santa Fe National Forest has Miles of Snowshoe Trails.

Santa Fe National Forest is public land with miles upon miles of snowshoe trails to explore. Whether you want a quick loop, a day hike, or to pack in the Santa Fe National Forest will fill you with wonder on every trail. You won't be disappointed with your time spent snowshoing the Santa Fe National Forest this winter!

Snowshoe Las Conchas in The Jemez Mountains

Las Conchas in the Jemez Mountains — This trail is not long, but the scenery and views make it an easy favorite. If you travel to the area, it should be one of many trails to do in a few days of snowshoeing, but don't miss it because the canyon views are worth it. This is the perfect snowshoe trail to add in to a weekend of making New Mexico memories with your snowshoes. 

Chama is a Small Town With Big Snowshoe Adventures Awaiting

Chama — This little town offers many ski and snowshoe events to help people take advantage of the seemingly endless miles of scenic mountain and river trails. Join a marathon, race, or fundraiser, or just go for a day trip for the fun of it. Chama has something for everyone who yearns to get outdoors with their snowshoes in the winter.

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Snowshoeing in New Mexico Is A Winter Delight For Everyone

New Mexico will delight at every turn if you enjoy snowshoeing and the wild outdoors. If you are ready to get out there and explore year-round, gear up with top-of-the-line foam snowshoes and snowshoe accessories from Crescent Moon Snowshoes. Proper equipment, hydration, shelter, and planning are vital when exploring the contradicting wilderness of the southwest. With enough planning, even the wilds can be enjoyed in a fully immersive experience.

Crescent Moon has over two decades of experience in the snowshoe business, and each snowshoe line is created with function in mind. If you want to use the lightest yet most reliable brand in outdoor snow equipment, go with snowshoes from the company of outdoor enthusiasts who know exactly what you need as you trek into the wild because they make that trek with their product on the regular. 

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