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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Should You Sink Deep in Snowshoes?

Should You Sink Deep in Snowshoes?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 11th 2020

The morning is crisp, the air is so clean and clear you feel like you can see forever into the blue sky and the deep woods, but you go out to adventure and sink right down into the powder. No problem, you head back in and put on the old snowshoes that have been passed down for years. Nope, still sinking a bit more than is comfortable, and the energy it takes to walk a few feet does not add up to a good time. Time to brew a pot of cocoa and give up for the day? No! It is time to upgrade your snowshoes with Crescent Moon Eva or Luna foam snowshoes and enjoy the wild again. We offer our quality snowshoes in various sizes, and they are designed for multi-use with accessories so you can enjoy your walking routine any time of year.

It’s simply unhealthy for the cardiovascular system and the mind to be cooped up all winter when the snow reaches a certain point. With our modern snowshoes, you do not have to be. We can help you keep your heart healthy and your mental outlook positive with snowshoe innovations that let you get out there even in powdery snow conditions. Newer foam snowshoes allow you to explore with less effort than you may expect, compared to older model snowshoes that are often heavier.

Foam Snowshoes

How far should you expect so sink in snowshoes, exactly?

This question is easy to answer; however, there are many variables to how far you may sink on a given day. First, the age of the snow will increase or decrease your sinkage. A newly fallen field will be trouble to walk through because each step will be a maximum sink, which may be as high as 6 to 12 inches depending on the snow and other variables! In a more packed snow, you may sink 6 to 8 inches. And in a packed trail, you can expect not to sink at all. A quality pair of lightweight foam snowshoes from Crescent Moon will ensure that you sink as little as possible and that your energy expenditure with each step is easier than with heavier, more cumbersome snowshoes. Our snowshoes are also easier to put on over your shoes and easy to remove. They are so lightweight and easy to walk in that some customers have reported forgetting that they are over their shoes when they stop needing them.

The harsh facts of winter are that it's cold, and snow can be miserable to walk in at times. We can't do much about the cold, but we have made many advancements when it comes to making your stroll across the yard or even hikes through the trails much more comfortable on the knees, back, and heart. You do not have to be cooped up, just find the right tool for the job (quality lightweight modern snowshoes) and marvel in your newfound mobility.

Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoes

Browse our selection at Cresent Moon Snowshoes and read our customer reviews to learn more about why our high-quality snowshoes stand alone in the world of winter adventuring. We know snow, and we have married craftsmanship, innovation, science, and technology to make a new snowshoe that is lightweight, effective, and stylish.