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Is Snowshoeing Really Harder Than Hiking?

Is Snowshoeing Really Harder Than Hiking?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Sep 18th 2020

The snowshoe has allowed humans much more mobility during times when the snow piles up and trekking even the small distance across the yard feels like a chore. While snowshoes make walking in the snow much easier, it will never be the same as walking on the ground, although our snowshoe technology has brought it as close as possible. Many people ask if snowshoeing is more challenging than hiking, and the answer is yes, but the answer is more complicated than one thing simply being more difficult than another. When it comes to calories burned, i.e. energy output required, snowshoeing requires more effort than an average hike the same distance and elevation. Studies indicate that the difference can be as high as 50% more energy (calories) for snowshoeing than hiking! That is a lot of calories burned, but it can also take up to twice the time to cover the same distance in the worst snow conditions and quickly wear out even a fit hiker.

Snowshoeing Vs. Hiking: It Is All Relative.

So you know that snowshoeing takes more energy than hiking, and variations such as the age and depth of the snow can add to this. What do you do with the information?

Many people chose to snowshoe during winter months, specifically for the extra calories burned, and enjoy the relative ease of hiking during the rest of the time. The best way to offset the fact that snowshoeing is inherently more challenging than hiking is to have the right gear. Snowshoe technology has come along way, and Crescent Moon Snowshoes are lightweight and made for ease of use. Some even refer to them as the “alternative to snowshoes.” Why? Because they are so much easier to put on, walk around in, and maneuver than other snowshoes.

The Crescent Moon foam snowshoes like the Eva and Luna may be the closest you can get to making snowshoeing “easy” or at least to close the gap between snowshoeing and hiking. There is a saying: “a pound on the foot is like seven pounds on the back,” and the Eva Snowshoe are so light that most people have changed their whole perception of snowshoeing after the first use. Hiking on the ground may always be easier than hiking in the snow. Still, lightweight snowshoes made with innovative technology designed to spread the weight across the ground for maximum “flotation” will help more people continue to be mobile and get outdoors even on the snowiest days.

Snowshoeing For Athletes

If you are already athletic and are going to be outdoor regardless of the difficulty check out our jogging snowshoes for maximum speed and mobility. We can make the difficult a bit easier each time you trek outdoors. There are even official snowshoe races across the globe for people who are interested in challenging themselves even further in a terrain that proves more difficult than hiking, jogging, biking, swimming, sprinting, or even climbing in many cases. There is no question that snowshoeing is more difficult than hiking and many people make a sport of this fact. If you think you are up to the task and physically ready for a race like no other, look up the next snowshoe race close to your location. Even beginners can participate. Who knows? Maybe with enough practice and the right gear, you will even rank.

If you are tired of being cooped up during those winter months, we can help. Browse Crescent Moon Snowshoes and find the pair that will keep you enjoying the great outdoors year-round. The company has built a reputation for innovation and quality over the past two decades. Most customers never go back to the old style of snowshoes after trying the lightweight, scientifically proven design of Crescent Moon Snowshoes and outdoor products.

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