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How Much Snow do you Need to Snowshoe?

How Much Snow do you Need to Snowshoe?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Oct 30th 2020

Snowshoeing is a great way to experience everything the outdoors have to offer, particularly during the winter. During the late part of the fall and early part of spring, people might look outside, wondering if there is enough snow on the ground to go snowshoeing. The answer to this question will depend on several factors, including the terrain and altitude.

When Can Snowshoes Be Used?

While some people might prefer to use snowshoes when there are only a few inches on the ground, they don’t become necessary until there are at least six inches of snow on the ground. Snowshoes have been designed to increase the area of the ground across which someone’s weight is distributed. By increasing the surface area, less pressure is exerted on a single point on the ground, making it harder for someone to fall through the snow’s surface. This is less of an issue when there are only a couple of inches of snow on the ground. However, once the snow gets deeper, around six inches, snowshoes start to become necessary.

The Impact of Terrain While On Snowshoes

Where someone is looking to go snowshoeing will influence when snowshoes might become necessary. For example, snowshoeing on flat terrain might not need snowshoes until a few extra inches are on the ground. When walking across a flat landscape, the foot’s pressure is evenly distributed across the ground’s surface. On the other hand, people might prefer to have snowshoes with only a few inches of snow if they are traversing hilly or mountain terrain. More pressure is exerted on the ground to help people maintain their balance. In this situation, snowshoes, such as Eva foam snowshoes, might be helpful.

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Comparing Snowshoes to Hiking Boots

When people decide to switch to snowshoes is an individual decision; however, the most common alternative is hiking boots. There are a few reasons why snowshoeing is better than walking around the snow in hiking boots once there are six inches of snow on the ground.

First, snowshoeing is less tiring than hiking with boots. As the hiking boots start to get heavy with water and snow, people will realize that it is a challenge to continue to walk around in hiking boots. Therefore, snowshoes are a better option.

With snowshoeing, people will be able to stay outside for more extended periods, allowing snowshoeing individuals to walk farther, traverse faster, and see more of the outdoors, all while getting an incredible workout.

Finally, wearing snowshoes also helps people stay warm. As snow melts, it will soak the socks in hiking boots, causing people to start to feel cold and uncomfortable.

Find the Right Snowshoes

For people to get the most out of their snowshoeing experience, it is vital to find the right snowshoes. Everyone needs to consider where they are snowshoeing and how big their feet are. When people decide to go snowshoeing on hilly terrain, they need to make sure they have snowshoes that provide plenty of grip and traction. Also, everyone should make sure they know the size and shape of the snowshoes they need. One of the most popular snowshoeing options today is foam snowshoes. Crescent Moon foam snowshoes will easily sit on top of the snow, causing people to feel like they are floating and gliding effortlessly across the snow.

Enjoy the Experience of Snowshoeing

In the end, how much snow is required before people can snowshoe will depend on where people want to go snowshoeing and how high up they are. The snow is lighter at higher altitudes, making it easier for people to float on top of the surface. Anyone who decides to go snowshoeing needs to make sure they have the right snowshoes. At Crescent Moon, we take great pride in the numerous snowshoeing options we provide to everyone who visits us. Count on us to help you find the right snowshoes for your next outdoor winter adventure!

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