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Great Snowshoe Treks in US National Parks

Great Snowshoe Treks in US National Parks

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 11th 2020

If you are looking for the top places in the country to go snowshoeing, then look no further than national parks. National parks are protected areas in the United States that are perfect for everyone who loves the outdoors. From unique and interesting wildlife to hiking trails, there is something for everyone. One of the highlights of many national parks across the country is their snowshoeing trails. When the snow starts falling, it completely changes the landscape of national parks into something awe-inspiring. When it comes to looking for the top national parks to go snowshoeing, there are a few options that simply rise above the rest. Grab your Crescent Moon foam snowshoes and hit a trail!

Denali National Park in Alaska Snowshoe Trails

Yes, something is daunting about making the trek to Alaska; however, for everyone who loves winter weather, particularly snowshoeing, Alaska is a place to go. There is nothing like Denali National Park, and it is nothing short of spectacular! The epitome of snowshoeing is found here among the dramatic mountains and iconic wildlife in Alaska.

This park is easy to find from Anchorage. Furthermore, the park is open 365 days per year. The National Park, centered on top of its namesake Denali, is the highest mountain in North America. With 6 million acres of wilderness, those who love adventure are going to be able to take in everything their snowshoeing appetite can handle.

There are ranger-led Expeditions, epic winter camping opportunities, and even the chance to spot the famous Aurora Borealis sightings throughout the year. Therefore, everyone who explores Denali National Park should remember to look up at night!

Zion National Park in Utah Snowshoe Adventures

Many people who love winter weather make the Trek to Utah to ski at Park City and The Canyons. At the same time, Zion National Park in Utah should not be missed. There are towering canyon walls, unique rock formations, and awe-inspiring Zion Canyon views for those who love snowshoeing. Ever since the early days of pioneers, people have loved to make the Trek through the winter weather. Now, Zion National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the United States.

Even though snowshoeing is inherently a cold-weather sport, Zion National Park has a relatively low altitude. Therefore, it is still relatively warm even though all of the trails in Zion National Park candy hike during the winter. There are also opportunities to take tours led by rangers, particularly along Observation Point Trail, which is the most famous trail in the entire park.

Snowshoe Mount Rainier National Park in Washington

Of course, those who love snowshoeing will also want to check out everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Among the key features of Mount Rainier National Park are the glaciers. This is a park dominated by towering mountain ranges, and Mount Rainier itself is a massive volcano. Because of the park’s high elevation, there is an abundance of snow present throughout the year. This makes Mount Rainier National Park one of the top parks in the country for snowshoeing.

Before heading out to check out everything this national park offers, everyone has to check the trail conditions at one of the visitor centers. This includes the Longmire Information Center as well as the Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise. In general, at least five feet of snow is required for snowshoeing and other winter sports at Mount Rainier National Park. The good news is that by late October, snow begins to carpet the national park, making snowshoeing possible once again. There is nothing like the views at Mount Rainier!

Enjoy Everything that Snowshoeing Has To Offer in These National Parks

These are just a few of the top trail that everyone should enjoy when it comes to snowshoeing national parks in the United States. Anyone looking for the top equipment to go snowshoeing should check out the offerings from Crescent Moon today! Everyone has to make sure they are placed in a position to be safe while still enjoying everything that snowshoeing has to offer!

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