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Best Places To Snowshoe In Nova Scotia

Best Places To Snowshoe In Nova Scotia

Posted by Crescent Moon on Aug 14th 2020

Those who are looking for a great place to go snowshoeing need to look no farther than Nova Scotia. The Halifax region is a glorious place for everyone who loves to go snowshoeing. While the cool temperatures and snow might be intimidating to those who are new to the world of snowshoeing, this is a great place to fall in love with the sport. Of course, everyone who is looking to go snowshoeing has to make sure they are prepared for the adventure. This means having the right equipment, the right emergency package, and enough food in case something bad happens. There are lots of places to explore the world of snowshoeing in Nova Scotia! Take a look at a few of the top trails in the region! Crescent Moon Eva snowshoes and Luna snowshoes are top of the line and perfect for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

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Halifax Common Snowshoeing

This is a great place to explore the world of snowshoeing. Halifax Region is a calm, easy, long trail that is a great place for everyone to fall in love with the snowshoeing. This is a great trail that is close to home but the terrain is flat which makes this great for beginners. The local municipality even offers cheap rentals for those who might not yet have their own equipment. This is located at the Emera Oval and they provide helmets, hockey skates, and more! Therefore, once everyone is done with Halifax Common, there are lots of other winter sports to try out as well!

Shubie Park Snowshoeing

Those who are looking for something that is more of a challenge should check out Shubie Park. This sits on the north side of Lake Micmac, which is located in Dartmouth. This is a park that is about 16 acres in size and is perfect for an intermediate snowshoeing experience. There are three separate main routes that are located off of this park. For example, the Trans Canada Trail is a park that is great for beginners; however, there are two other parks that are great for individuals how are looking for more of a challenge. This park is beautiful when there is a fresh snowfall that has graced the area.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park Snowshoeing

Those who are looking for a park that is great for people of all abilities should check out Sir Sandford Fleming Park. This is a park that is great for all levels. This is a large park that features numerous winter activities that are great for people of all skill levels. Sir Sandford Fleming Park can be found. The park sits along Purcells Cove Road. There are countless route options that will keep people busy coming back again and again. Dingle Tower is the most popular route. It goes through a forest and follows the famous Frog Pond Trail.

Snowshoe The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail

Located south of Highway 103, The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail is located in Timberlea. This is a popular hiking trail that is located on Crown Land. For those who are willing to make the drive, The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail is a glorious journey. Those who love rock faces are going to fall in love with The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail. There are also gorgeous trees, waterways, and more. Of course, there are lots of route options for those who might be looking for a less stressful option. At the same time, The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail is not meant for someone who doesn’t have experience.

Snowshoe MacDonald Sports Park

MacDonald Sports Park is located in Waverly in the area along Lake Thomas. This is a park that serves multiple purposes but is also a great place to enjoy a lake, open fields, and natural forests. MacDonald Sports Park has almost five total km of trails that are available to explore. In addition, there are lots of rest stops and picnic areas. While the trails at MacDonald Sports Park might not be meant for those without experience, those who are intermediate athletes will enjoy the views and the challenge.

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