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Best Places to Snowshoe in Norway

Best Places to Snowshoe in Norway

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 19th 2022

Using traditional snowshoes for hiking has a long and storied history in Norway, dating back thousands of years. You can walk on the snow's surface with these snowshoes without having to worry about sinking through it. Snowshoeing Norway’s trails is both enjoyable and unforgettable, as they provide access to magnificent snow-covered mountains.

5 Best Places to Snowshoe in Norway

Other than good general fitness, previous expertise with snowshoes is unnecessary. Just remember your warm clothes and a hot thermos before you check out these best places to snowshoe in Norway.


One can enjoy a solitary, strenuous, and ultimately rewarding snowshoe journey in the forest along these tracks. The view from the top of Bletoppen, the tallest and most windy peak in Blefjell, is breathtaking. It is recommended that campers arrive before sunrise. Although Bletoppen is only 1342 m in elevation, the situation can be extremely dangerous in the winter.

If you are lucky, you will get to see some of the wild reindeer that live in Blefjell.


On this exciting snowshoeing trip, you'll get to explore the snowy landscapes near Bod. To see the beautiful lakes, mountains, and forests of Northern Norway, set out on a day tour or go out at night for a chance to see the Northern Lights. This excursion, which covers a distance of about three kilometers, is ideal for those with little or no hiking experience.

Nor - Lillehammer Marka

One of the top cross-country skiing regions in Norway, the tourist region of Nordseter, features affordable cabins and smaller hotels. There is a network of almost 250 kilometers of tracks.

If you’re not into skiing, Nor - Lillehammer Marka is one of the best snowshoe Trails in Norway


Get out of the city and into the beautiful Kvalya countryside to experience the polar night's blue hours, the snow, the sun, or the snowstorms. Here you can give snowshoeing a try the easiest way, without having to climb steep mountains. In order to unwind before heading back, stop by Bryggejentene café, a hidden gem on the edge of Ersfjord, for a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate and one of their world-famous desserts.

Ny Sulitjelma

This is a fairly straightforward path to follow if the weather is good. The great DNT huts along the trail are spaced an average of 10-13 kilometers apart.


This is a snowshoe trail that often parallels a regular hiking route in the summer. During the colder months, however, the trail is virtually deserted, making for a pleasant, if somewhat challenging, hike due to the more challenging terrain on the plateau.

The trailhead is a cabin near Gargia, where you can leave your car, and it continues all the way to Alta Canyon. Watch out for those slick snow bridges!!

Tips for Snowshoeing in Norway

  • The section from Sulitjelsma to the first hut is not on the trail and is very steep; due to transport schedules, you will probably have to complete this section after dusk or night.
  • If you're out in the wilderness, don't bother trying to stick to the summer paths too closely; the waypoints are obscured by snow.
  • Ask a local or the park ranger if it's safe to cross ANY LAKE before you do so.
  • From Trygvebu to the end, you may choose to follow a very rough path. This path stays low to the ground as it descends into a fairly steep valley where the brook is probably not (or isn't) totally frozen over. Take caution, and if you're unsure about where you should go, return to the established route.
  • The end of February through the early weeks of March is ideal for this. At that timer, the possibility of an avalanche is still rather low (1-2), and there is already enough light to make travel safe.
  • Pack the right gear for your hike with these must-have snowshoe accessories.

There are many self-guided snowshoe trails in Norway as well as planned tours accompanied by all the amenities one could desire. Whatever you choose, snowshoeing offers a great way to experience Norway’s breathtaking vistas up close and personal.

Best Snowshoes to Wear in Norway

When you head out to hike the long excursions around Norway's trails, remember to always wear your best lightweight snowshoes for the adventure. Crescent Moon offers both aluminum snowshoes and foam snowshoes for adults and kids snowshoes as well.

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