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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories

Who Is Crescent Moon?

Long ago and far away in the little village of...

Vail, Colorado a couple of young ski bums started making snowshoes in their garage so they could get to those secret stashes of snow and ice where only the lightest, but strongest snowshoes could take you. A few years later a young couple came along and asked the guys if they would like to make a business out of it by moving to Boulder. From one garage to the next and then into a production facility as the ski bums grew up and the young couple began a family and the Crescent Moon company grew and became a brand that only the best outdoor retailers wanted to carry. The couple worked for nearly 23 years making products and the company into a brand that took them across the US and into other parts of the world where their snowshoes were used to find secret stashes of snow and ice from the Arctic Circle to Australia, and South America to South Dakota. The little company had become an outdoor icon.

In late 2019...

another family enterprise saw what Crescent Moon had become and thought it would make a great addition to their summer products business. The Dunn family has been making pool equipment and outdoor recreational toys for 3 generations and so, with the addition of snowshoes they thought they could make the Crescent Moon brand even bigger and maybe even more affordable. With their manufacturing capabilities and know-how the Dunn family has opened shop in Englewood Colorado and integrated the snowshoe business into their operations and brings experience and resources to build Crescent Moon into a world class product offering.

Going forward, Tanner, Teddy, and Ted Dunn

will take Crescent Moon to the next step in snowshoes. Those secret stashes of snow and ice are still out there to be explored and with the right equipment you can get it done with the legendary design of the original equipment and the quality and value that only a third generation business can bring to the outdoors industry. Call Tanner for a recommendation on your next snowshoe adventure. He’s Dunn it.

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