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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories

Foam vs Aluminum

Foam is to snowshoes as shaped skis are to that industry–a reinterpretation of an old design that results in a break through to make your outdoor experience more accessible, and more enjoyable. It’s positively transformational.

Crescent Moon’s patent pending all-foam snowshoes will change your notion about snowshoeing forever. Like a pair of your favorite running or walking shoes, foam bends and flexes in perfect synchronicity with your foot making it feel very much like a natural extension of the way you move. And for recreational snowshoeing, we promise there is no better solution. They’re quiet, cushioned, lightweight, and now, with the addition of ICESPIKE traction points, they’re versatile and have great grip. So, step into something a little more comfortable....and prepare yourself to be very pleasantly surprised by the performance and feel of foam.

Traditionalists will always find the tried and true aluminum framed shoes are the workhorses you would expect. They’ve got aggressive crampons that dig deep into steep and challenging terrain and with more surface area to provide additional float into the vast and un-tracked powder fields of new Hampshire–you can go. And then come back. Crescent Moon still bends its frames here in Boulder and for some, the old ways are the best. Either way, foam or aluminum, we've got you covered.

All snowshoes have bindings–and the binding is what connects you to the platform, whether its foam, or aluminum. The better the binding, the more secure and efficient the snowshoe. Crescent Moon’s unique binding solutions have been recognized and mimicked for decades, but no one holds you closer or gives you a better fit than the bindings we put on both our foam and our aluminum shoes.

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