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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories


3 Simple Elements

Binding, Platform and Traction

The right equipment can make the difference between a lifetime of great outdoor experiences or a one-time outing. At Crescent Moon, we’ve designed our shoes to provide outstanding maneuverability and performance by perfectly integrating the 3 most importance elements of a snowshoe – the binding, the platform and the traction system.

Hold on Tight: Bindings

The most important part of a snowshoe is the binding. It should be easy and intuitive to use, provide support, be comfortable under all conditions and efficiently transfer your weight and energy to the traction system with each step you take.

Move Freely: Platform

Whether you’re on Foam or Aluminum, it’s the deck that keeps you afloat.

To ensure optimal flotation, Crescent Moon Snowshoes are balanced to distribute your body weight across the entire shoe. The design also makes them easier to pull out of the snow, so you don’t have to work as hard to walk, hike or climb. Our unique teardrop-shape platform is based on the shape of your foot—wide at the ball and narrow at the heel. Instead of forcing you to waddle, the ergonomic design helps your feet clear away from each other with every step, giving you a smooth, natural stride and allowing you to concentrate on the scenery.

Get a Grip: Traction

It’s what keeps you attached to the ground when you’re climbing and descending. If you’re in steep terrain, you need more grip than when you’re in rolling or flat terrain.

For more details and differences to help you decide on which shoe is best see the descriptions below.

Aluminum Framed Snowshoes

SPL Binding

You’ll get the response and control you need and a great sense of confidence to go up or down any terrain with a pair of Crescent Moon’s.

  • SPL binding system is easy, simply place your foot in the stirrup and pull up on the big loop strap over your foot – to get out, you pull out on the small string loop

  • The SPL captures your entire foot with equal tension throughout resulting in better support and comfort

  • Toe to heel, side to side stability for significantly better performance than “open-toed” binding designs


Our snowshoe frame is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum tubing for strength, durability and reliability. The decking is made from an ultra-durable, lightweight material called TGS (the good stuff) which simply won’t tear or fail. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and textured for additional traction and performance.


Our Aluminum snowshoes have the only three-claw crampon traction system on the market. Inherently better than standard two-crampon systems, it features the only genuine toe claw found on any snowshoe. As you walk, you use your whole foot, shifting your weight for balance and traction with each step. So, we position our stainless steel teeth and claws to dig in not only at the heel and ball, but also at the toe, to give you complete control.

Eva Foam Snowshoes

Hook and Loop Binding

It doesn’t get much simpler or more intuitive than hook and loop. But here’s a suggestion to improve your fit, allow for a little slack in your adjustment the first time out. If you find you need the binding to be a little tighter, it’s easy to do, but in the beginning, stay loose and let your foot tell you the most comfortable setting. The Velcro-like material is “military grade” and specifically designed to resist snow and ice buildup. Velcro has been used in winter products for decades and has proven to be a reliable and effective material for winter applications.


The Eva Foam shoe is like walking on clouds and is different in feel than any other snowshoe. It’s like wearing your favorite athletic shoes, but bigger. And, unlike other snowshoes, they are silent


Durable rubber lugs and ICESPIKES have been added to the bottom of the Eva. They’re carbon steel spike-like additions to the traction plate of the Foam snowshoe for hard pack and ice traction, like snow and ice tires for your feet.

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