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What Pants Should Be Worn for Snowshoeing?

What Pants Should Be Worn for Snowshoeing?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 6th 2020

When it comes to a day spent snowshoeing, everyone needs to plan accordingly. While everyone likes to focus on the shoes, it is also essential to wear the right pants. Many people don’t realize the beating their pants will take over the course of a day snowshoeing. With this in mind, everyone should consider a few points when they are planning what pants to wear for their snowshoe journey.

From the Inside Out

First, everyone needs to put on their usual underwear. Then, long underwear is next. These are tight, long, moisture-wicking pants that go underneath the top layer. It is important to wear long underwear that is going to wick the moisture away. While snowshoeing is a cold-weather sport, many people do not realize how much they sweat during the course of the day. Without this layer, the moisture will be trapped against the legs, causing people to feel cold and start shivering. This is not ideal for snowshoeing.

Considerations for the Pants

When deciding whether to go with jeans, sweatpants, or snow pants, the answer is usually snow pants. If there are more than a few inches of snow on the ground and people are planning on staying out for a few hours, then snow pants are needed.

Finding the right snow pants involves a few factors. First, ventilation is everything. When people get into a rhythm while snowshoeing through the deep snow, lifting the extra weight strapped to the feet, it is critical for people to vent the heat they are producing. While Eva foam snowshoes and adjustable poles can make this task easier, snowshoeing burns a tremendous number of calories. Ventilation is going to help people stay comfortable.

Next, it is a good idea to look for snow pants with zippers that can be opened. There will come a time when people will start to feel the heat build-up. They will want to be able to release this heat quickly. This is where front zippers can be helpful. This might also make it easy for people to adjust layers that might be underneath.

If layers can be removed via a zipper, this is another plus. There might be situations where the snowfall is lower, and the terrain is flatter. In this case, being able to remove layers, making it easier to move is key.

Durability Is Key For Snowshoe Pants

Everyone needs to find a pair of durable pants that can take a beating during the course of the snowshoe trip. They will be exposed to not only snow and ice but also rocks, trees, twigs, and more. A tear in the snow pants could spell disaster and might cause the legs to feel cold. While lightweight pants are important, they need to be strong enough and flexible enough to stand up to the conditions. Make sure to find a pair of snow pants that can do this job well.

Waterproof Capabilities Are a Plus

The vast majority of snow pants are made to be waterproof; however, some people might elect to go with something else. While this is okay, it is essential to find waterproof pants. Many people do not realize that snow and ice are melting around their pants during the course of the day on snowshoes. The heat from the legs melts the snow quickly. This turns to water and might get inside the snowshoes and snow pants. While some people might elect to go with ankle gaiters to help prevent this problem from happening, waterproof snow pants are an effective way to keep this moisture at bay. Nobody wants to feel cold water running down the legs into the feet. To prevent this issue, invest in pants that are waterproof.

Find the Right Clothing for Snowshoeing

A fun day of snowshoeing starts with having the right clothing, and this definitely includes snow pants. Make sure to find layers that are warm, easy to adjust, vent easily, and are durable. If the layers are lightweight, this makes things even more comfortable. At Crescent Moon, we have award winning foam snowshoes and accessories for an epic snowshoe adventure. Check out everything we have to offer!

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