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What is Snowshoe Art?

What is Snowshoe Art?

Posted by Crescent Moon on Jun 4th 2021

Snowshoe art is created by walking in specific patterns in the snow to create beautiful designs or pictures that can be viewed from above. Although a relatively new art form, it has nonetheless captured the attention of people all over the world and is rapidly becoming more popular. This particular process involves the artist wearing high-quality snowshoes that can withstand the demands of this precise art form and then walking 20+ miles in some instances, to create intricate patterns or pictures that can be viewed from above. Preferably these designs are seen from a ski lift, the side of a mountain, or from a helicopter. Each piece can vary in the amount of time it takes to create based on the artist's abilities and endurance.

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How is Snowshoe Art Created?

The method for creating snowshoe art not only requires good snowshoes; it also involves planning and pattern creation by using a compass and can require some level of endurance. This particular art form requires a moderate level of fitness in most cases and is considered excellent exercise. It can be somewhat demanding in that it requires prolonged exposure to the elements while continually walking and moving to complete parts of the design. Those who want to attempt this outdoor art should plan carefully and then try it on a smaller scale to get a feel for it and ensure they can participate without issues. Smaller snowshoe art can be created by many people who can get outside and want to have fun but on a larger scale.

Examples of Snowshoe Art

Simon Beck is a snowshoe artist known for creating massive geometric patterns and installations in the snow across the country. His creations can vary from simple crop circle style pieces to incredibly complex fractals. Each is unique and created on a large scale. His work is best viewed from above on the mountain or from a helicopter. On a recent endeavor in Colorado, he went on the record for producing a piece that required him to walk over 50 miles in his snowshoes to complete the design. His favorite place to create these works of art in Colorado, and he states that the particular type of terrain and snow accumulation in the area seems perfectly suited to create his art. Perhaps the best-known example is a massive piece made in the Alps before deciding to work primarily in Colorado.

Snowshoe art can be a fun activity for people who have a knack for math and a love for the snow and the great outdoors. It is partially about planning ahead and having a pattern mapped out in advance and a plan to get it finished in ideal conditions to execute this type of creation. Having the right equipment and time to complete the installation is also crucial. Ultimately, this is a fun way to create art and get some good exercise in the snow while potentially producing a beautiful piece of art for everyone to enjoy. 

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