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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Snowshoe Adventures, Ski Goggles, and Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Snowshoe Adventures, Ski Goggles, and Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Posted by Crescent Moon on Dec 15th 2020

Crescent Moon has been making snowshoes for 22 years and the only one to make a snowshoe made of expandable polymer - the same material used in every running and athletic shoe in the world. But we knew we were on to something. So, we started making prototypes out of packing sheet foam, carving, sanding, and forming them by hand to test the concept. We called our friend Dan Laska, who was the lead designer at Crocs, and asked him to help us make "the best recreational snowshoes" on the market. Two years in the making and lots of time and days on snow, Eva was conceived. Foam snowshoes are the hottest trend in snowshoeing right now and Crescent Moon has created it through hard work and dedication to the sport. 

Foam Snowshoes

Because we focus on outdoor adventures and products, we sometimes find other brands and products that just seem like a good fit. If you love to spend time outdoors in the winter snowshoeing or partaking in other wintertime adventures, check out the amazing ski goggles and prescription ski goggle inserts from Goggles N More.

Our versatile prescription ski goggle inserts will fit almost any goggles. When combined with our snow goggles, these inserts represent a practical and inexpensive way of turning your favorite goggles into prescription ones. Each insert is designed to sit inside your goggles without the use of temples (temples impede airflow around the lenses); this means less fogging on the lenses. In addition, each universal insert's clever design makes it large enough to deliver a wide angle of vision yet small enough to fit inside most ski goggles.

Need high power prescription lenses with your goggles insert? Need Bifocal or Progressive lenses? Or perhaps correction for Astigmatism or Prism? No problem, we can make the lenses to your exact prescription.

To go one-up, get a pair of insert & prescription lenses combo along with our new range of innovative, high-tech snow goggles from Abom, with their patented electronic defogging technology that will keep your goggles fog-free all day long so you can focus on enjoying the thrills.

Ski Goggles An Essential Part of Your Winter Gear

Abom Heet snow goggles takes electronic defogging to the next level. Featuring Abominable Lab's patented on-board environmental sensing technology that out-performs any anti-fog coating while making possible a low-profile, lightweight design that sits closer to your eyes and fits more faces. So order yours today and experience crystal-clear vision while curving up the slopes like you have never experienced before!

Ski Goggles For Snowshoeing  Abom Heet Copper Dome Snow Goggles with patented KLAIR one-touch defogging technology | VLT - 30%

Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Convert your own Goggles to a Prescription Goggle with our Universal Prescription Lenses Inserts (4 sizes for kids & adults + prescription lenses available) Suitable for almost any Ski Goggles, Snow Boarding, Motorcycle & Motocross Goggles, Safety Goggles, and even Paintball Goggles.

  • You're no longer constrained to "fit-over" style goggles or very expensive brand name prescription goggles.
  • Costs only a fraction of the price of regular prescription ski goggles/Snow Boarding Goggles/Motocross Goggles
  • Transforms your favorite goggles into a pair of prescription goggles in seconds.
  • A cleverly designed insert fits snugly behind your goggle lenses so they won't come off when you're in action.
  • Quick insert or release so you can use it between your different pairs of goggles.
  • Suitable for Oakley, Smith, Anon, Bolle, Abom, Cebe ski goggles, and many other brands
  • Frame: TR90 Compatible Material or high impact nylon
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate or CR39 material available
  • Choice of either Lifestyle CR39 or light-weight, impact-resistant Polycarbonate lenses made to your prescription.
  • Wide range of powers available, starting from $30.00 for low powers. Extra charges apply to high powers and lens material upgrade.
  • NB: Total powers (Sphere + Cylinder) needs to be between +10.00 and -12.00
  • Single Vision Distance, Lined Bifocal, and Progressive (no line) lenses available.
  • If your prescription changes in the future, simply put new lenses into your insert.
  • You can purchase just the insert and take it to your local optician to have your prescription lenses fitted. No template is needed.
  • If your prescription powers are outside the range shown above, or perhaps you are unsure if your prescription is available, please email our Optometrist at

prescription ski goggle inserts

Check out all of our foam snowshoes, aluminum snowshoes and snowshoe accessories.

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