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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Pennsylvania Snowshoe Adventures Await At These Parks.

Pennsylvania Snowshoe Adventures Await At These Parks.

Posted by Crescent Moon on Feb 4th 2022

Pennsylvania is far from the largest state, but it has no shortage of scenic state and national parks to explore and find wonder in. If you enjoy greeting the great outdoors in the cold winter months, check out this list of the top places to snowshoe in the Keystone State.

Remember when you get out into the wilds of Pennsylvania's forests and trails that it is easy to get in a perilous situation, and every ounce of preparation is worth it when it comes down to wilderness survival. Plan ahead, invest in proper gear, and take plenty of water and food. Enjoy your time in the snowy wilds safely.

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Where are the Best Places to Snowshoe in Pennsylvania?

Pine Grove Furnace State Park — This state park has miles of trails to choose from, and some are easier than others. You will find various difficulty levels, so choose the trail that works best for your experience and work your way up to all of them.

Susquehannock State Forest — This forest has one main six-mile trail that will take up a chunk of your day, but it is worth the trek as the forest is renowned for its beauty and stunning appearance in the winter months.

Laurel Summit State Park — Are you ready for commitment? There is a 70-mile hiking trail here that has shelters for sleeping. If you want to plan an epic snowshoe adventure with sights and vistas that will take your breath away, then gear up and plan a week away.

Promised Land State Park — Nestled in the Poconos Mountains, this state park is a ski, tubing, and snowshoeing destination for all to enjoy. There are a ton of places to stay and touristy-type winter activities for the whole family in the area, so even those less eager to enjoy the great outdoors can have a blast.

World's End State Park — If long rang views and magical treescapes are what you desire to see on your walk, then choose one of the walks at World's End State Park. Many reviews and even hand-drawn maps by people willing to share their favorite snowshoeing paths at this park. The name says it all; be sure to carve out a whole day or even a few to see it all.

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Pennsylvania Snowshoe History

A piece about snowshoeing in Pennsylvania would not be complete without mentioning the town aptly named Snowshoe. Snowshoe got its name when a pair of snowshoes were found on the village border. Some stories say that a hunting expedition was in peril and made themselves snowshoes to find their way out of the area as an alternate name origin. Either way, the area gets plenty of snow and has miles of hiking trails to live up to its actual name.

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