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How To Properly Wear Snowshoes

How To Properly Wear Snowshoes

Posted by Crescent Moon on Sep 11th 2020

When it comes to snowshoeing, this is a great sport that allows people to not only enjoy plenty of exercise but also see everything the outdoors has to offer. While hiking boots are useful to a point, they tend to sink through the snow and don’t provide a lot of traction. This is where snowshoes can be helpful. At the same time, everyone needs to know how to wear snowshoes properly. This starts with putting them on correctly. There are a few important tips that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to putting on and wearing snowshoes correctly.

Do Snowshoes Have a Left and a Right?

One of the first questions people often have when they look down at snowshoes is which one goes on which foot. The snowshoes look the same, but they have binding buckles. The reality is that both snowshoes will fit fine on either the left or right foot; however, it is important to make sure they are easy to buckle. For this reason, it is a good idea for people to put on the snowshoes so that the binding buckles are facing the outside of the feet. This will make it easier to put on and take off the snowshoes. Think of these buckles like the ones that go on ski boots. They should face the outside.

Putting On Snowshoes

When it comes to putting on the snowshoes, there are a few steps that everyone has to follow. These include:

  • Make sure the snowshoes are placed on a flat surface. This will make it much easier to put on the snowshoes and will make them more enjoyable.
  • First, place the foot into the binding of the snowshoe. The foot should go up to the pivot point to help the foot flex while walking. This creates a comfortable step that delivers a lot of power.
  • Once the foot is in the right spot, tighten the bindings. There are a few straps that will keep the snowshoes locked in place. Tighten the strap around the toe as well as the heel, which will provide a snug fit.
  • Once the straps are tight, tuck away any bindings that might be making it hard for someone to walk. These loose straps can be annoying. Once the straps are put away, it is time to walk!

These tips will make it easier for people to put on their snowshoes.

Assessing the Fit of the Snowshoes

It is crucial to make sure the snowshoes fit well around the feet. People should make sure they can still feel the pulses on their ankles. It is also important to ensure people can move their toes around with ease. If this is not the case, the snowshoes are too tight.

On the other hand, if the snowshoes are too loose, this can lead to blisters. Lift the feet and shake them around a little bit. The shoes should stay in place with ease. If they do, this means that they have a good fit. The true test is to take a few steps. The snowshoes should be easy to move and comfortable on the feet.

Foam Snowshoes Best Foam Snowshoes

Tips for Wearing Snowshoes

When it comes to wearing the snowshoes, it is essential to start with the equipment. Foam EVA snowshoes are a solid choice. Some people might also want to wear booties on their snowshoes or use heel lifts, particularly if they will be tackling mountainous terrain.

It is important to prevent snow and ice from getting into the snowshoes, as this can cause the feet to feel cold. Working with poles can help people maintain their balance, keeping the snowshoes as dry as possible. Keeping your feet dry can go a long way toward making each snowshoe adventure that much more enjoyable.

Invest in a Proper Pair of Snowshoes

When it comes to finding and wearing the right snowshoes, these are a few essential tips to keep in mind. The right pair of snowshoes can make all the difference in the world. At Crescent Moon, we are proud to provide a nice mix of snowshoes to everyone who visits us. Check out our selection today!

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