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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Foam Snowshoe Care And Cleaning

Foam Snowshoe Care And Cleaning

Posted by Crescent Moon on Apr 16th 2021

The sun is setting on another snowshoe season, and we have one final task to complete to ensure that our foam snowshoes will last for seasons to come. As sad as we are to put our snowshoes away for the season, spring, summer, and fall allow us chances to go do other activities. We like to find hiking trails and scout them for winter snowshoeing promise. How do you care for and store you foam snowshoes in the off-season? We've got a few tips for you that will help to ensure your snowshoes are ready for many seasons to come. 

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Cleaning Your Foam Snowshoes

First things first, do a quick inspection and look for any areas of concern. Take some mild soapy water and a towel and give them a good wipe down. You shouldn't need to scrub too hard, the Eva and Luna Foam Snowshoes are made from a high quality foam that is low maintenance. Once you get your foam snowshoes cleaned off, a quick rinse should finish flushing any dirt or debris away. One final wipe down and you should be ready to store your foam snowshoes until the snow flies again next season. 

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Storing Your Foam Snowshoes

I asked the owners for their thoughts on storing your foam snowshoes and the suggestion was to store them somewhere that won't freeze. Insulated garage, basement, attic, pretty much anywhere that is not going to freeze. We like to store ours in the basement storage closet, but work with whatever space you have and make sure they're easily accessible for the first time it snows next season. 

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