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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Cache In on Geocaching—On Snowshoes!

Cache In on Geocaching—On Snowshoes!

Posted by Crescent Moon on Feb 19th 2021

Hunting for treasure has fascinated people throughout the ages. The search for riches of all kinds has had people looking across the globe for goodies unknown. Today, technology has eased access to not only information about these hidden stashes; it has also provided us with a personal GPS guide to get us to these locations.

Enter the realm of geocaching, which is the global version of worldwide treasure hunting. You can do these GPS-enabled hunts literally in your backyard, at a local park, or any roadside destination—no expensive airfare or pre-planned road trips required! Let’s explore geocaching and how foam snowshoes can get you to even the most remote locations with ease.

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The Growth of Geocaching

Since the era of cell phone dual serving as computers with GPS technology, the era of hunting down goods hidden by others in remote locations has grown. Essentially, someone hides a stash of ‘cache’ (goodies) in a location that you hunt down on a whim or a dedicated search. You sign the logbook and take an item (if you want to) and leave something of equal or greater value in return for future hunters to discover and enjoy. Some geocache enthusiasts do it for the hunt and just take a quick picture of the cache.

When the weather gets cold, a pair of snowshoes are useful during a wintertime hunt for those exploring in snowy or icy conditions. These handy devices give you the freedom to hunt year-round and returning goods to the masses willing to undertake the adventure, too! The whole family can enjoy geocaching, and it’s enjoyed by people around the world all year long. There are many groups and organizations to get involved with, and the treasures are endless.

With a good pair of snowshoes, your searches can go on all year long. As an ends to a means, it’s a great way to stay connected to not only yourself but with others! However, safety when snowshoeing is an essential aspect of finding the goodies without injuries or discomfort during the trek.

Snowshoe Safety Tips for Geocaches

Going on a geocaching hunt requires the right tools that excel beyond the cell phone. While maximizing on the tech available, it’s also vital to ensure the basics of safety are covered. Here’s a short rundown of the basics of snowshoe safety when geocaching.

Check the Weather: Don’t get caught unprepared in a snowstorm! Know the weather forecast before you go.

Have a Buddy: Like with many outdoor sports, going at it alone is a risk. Not many more endeavors are riskier than when you are on snowy terrain, so have a buddy or at least let someone else know where you are—just in case.

Plan Ahead for Daylight: In winter, the time rolls back, and darkness ensues much sooner. Just in case, have a flashlight or headlamp on you to help the journey back to your vehicle easier after the hunt.

Dress in Layers: Layering is typical for those who geocache and live in chillier climates, so if the cache you’re hunting is deep in the woods or a bit of haul to get to, be ready with layers along with your snowshoes.

Extras to Consider: Sunglasses, hydration, a first aid kit, sunblock, and lip balm are excellent additions to your ‘geocaching care kit. We recommend a small expandable shovel to help dig snow away from the geocache site to help find the items. This lightweight expandable shovel will easily clip onto a backpack, so it’s super easy to bring along.

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