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Best Places to Snowshoe in Italy

Best Places to Snowshoe in Italy

Posted by Crescent Moon on Nov 19th 2022

One of the best ways to keep in shape through the winter and enjoy some of the best views is to go snowshoeing. This sport is similar to hiking, but just in the snow and using the appropriate gear to keep yourself safe and warm. All you need is a pair of lightweight snowshoes to venture the trails in any country throughout the world.

5 Best Places to Snowshoe in Italy

If you are taking a trip to Italy and plan to enjoy the winter weather, below are the five best trails that you can take depending on your fitness level and enjoy the best views in Italy. Here are the recommended places to travel if you and your family are ready for an adventure along Italy's picturesque countryside:

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Rifugio Venezia Traverse

If you are looking for a trail that gives outstanding views and is great for the entire group, then Rifugio Venezia Traverse may be the right place to start when you are in Italy. Snowshoeing on these trails will allow everyone to enjoy the views and the snowshoeing sport. The trails are large and wide for mules and there are no areas that will cause great difficulty. The terrain is pretty stable and does a gradual incline and decline over the trails, shifting only about 200 feet. The minimum elevation is 1761 meters and the maximum elevation is 1897 meters.

Posporcora and Col Rosa Circuit

Probably one of the next best trails is the 14 km trek on the Posporcoro and Col Rosa Circuit. The max elevation is 2166 m and the hike gain is 900 m over 14 km. For someone new to the sport, the trail itself is not hard with gradual elevation, but you need to pace yourself for the distance. The views include the Fiames and Fanis groups, as well as the Ampezzo basin as you make your way through

Auf Den Roen

A moderate trail for snowshoeing, the duration is expected to be around six hours in total. The lowest point on the trial is 1370 m and the highest point is 2115 m, with the incline and declines being gradual for the most part. You can take smaller children on this trail, but you will want to do the chair lift to miss the biggest part of the incline before moving forward with them. This is one of the longer trails on the list at 15.8 km. The view at the top of the trail is panoramic of the Mendola mountain range.

Malga Canvere from Castelir

If you are just cutting your teeth on snowshoeing or have some in your group who are, the Malga Canvere from Castelir is a short but beautiful hike to enjoy in the winter. Remember to bring your best pair of lightweight snowshoes for this thrilling hike. Most complete this trail in under two hours, and you only ascend approximately 430 m from the minimum elevation of 1550 m. The trail is only 3.4 km long and it does make a pass through the Naturpark Paneveggio Pale di San Martino, which is protected by the government. The views of the Bellemonte area and the snowed-over meadows make for outstanding views.

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Monte Bellino - Valle Maira

One of the most difficult snowshoeing trails in Italy is the Monte Bellino. The terrain makes this one harder with the steep inclines and declines as you navigate the trail. Compared to other trails, it is not nearly as populated and it is a bit more narrow than some of the preferred trails. The lowest point for Monte Bellion is 1560 m and the highest is 2937 m, with the entire route being just over 17 km long. Getting to the top is worth the challenge when you see the Valle Maira and Valle Varaita ridge of the Cottian Alps.

Best Snowshoes to Wear in Italy

While all these trails are beautiful and it would be ideal to do them all, make sure the ones you choose to do are at your skill level. If you're having difficulty choosing between aluminum snowshoes or foam snowshoes, consider the terrain you're going to be on mostly. You can hike as easily as Malga Canvere from Castelir to as hard as Monte Bellino, one of the most difficult in Italy. No matter which trail you choose, however, the views will be substantial rewards for your hard work. Before you take off on your trip, make sure you have the right snowshoes and gear.

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