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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Best Places in the USA for a Snowshoeing Getaway

Best Places in the USA for a Snowshoeing Getaway

Posted by Crescent Moon on Jan 29th 2021

From the Catskills’ ledged woods to the moose- and mountain goat-roamed wilderness of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, the United States is well endowed with world-class snowshoeing destinations. The scenic variety, the blend of the easy-to-access (city parkways, county forests, etc.), the back-of-beyond (off-trail routes in the immense wilderness), and plenty of very snowy geographies all set the stage for some fantastic snowshoeing getaways. Whether you’re flying solo, bringing a similarly snowshoe-smitten sweetheart, or brainstorming a family vacation that includes some healthy exercise and nature appreciation.

Foam and aluminum snowshoes from Crescent Moon give you the perfect gear for everything from designated winter trails and unplowed roads to rough off-trail terrain. You’ll have a blast with your Crescent Moon ‘shoes in any of the following snowshoeing getaway destinations!

Luna Running Snowshoes - Gray

Snowshoe New England

New England gets a lot—in some cases, a LOT—of the white stuff in the winter, making it a premier snowshoeing stomping ground. Head for the rolling Litchfield Hills of northwestern Connecticut, or tackle major mountains in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, the Katahdin highlands of Maine’s wild Baxter State Park, and along the 2,000 miles of trails in New York’s mighty Adirondacks. Vermont’s swoony countryside, including the heights of the Green and Taconic mountains, makes another winter wonderland, whether you’re hitting the trails around the famous snow sports hotspot of Stowe or making the climb up iconic Camel’s Hump.

The Upper Midwest Snowshoe Trails and Parks

The Upper Midwest’s just about endless forestlands and lake networks accumulate heaps of snow, and the region’s locals are passionate about their winter outdoor fun, from ice fishing to snowmobiling. You’ve got whole lifetimes’ worth of snowshoeing to enjoy here, needless to say: the Porcupine Mountains and Sleeping Bear Dunes of Michigan, the Apostle Islands and long-distance Ice Age Trail of Wisconsin, Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail, Itasca State Park (where the Mississippi rises), and wolf-roamed Voyageurs National Park—and we’re truly only lightly scratching the surface here.

Snowshoe The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies harbor some of the finest scenery and wildest country in the U.S., and snowshoeing the most versatile, accessible, and immersive way to explore this jagged spine of the continent in its winter mode. From the almost fantastical peaks of Glacier and Grand Teton to the geysers and frost-muzzled bison of Yellowstone and the alpine vastness of Rocky Mountain, the national parks here are beautiful places to start, with lots of opportunities for ranger-guided snowshoe explorations. Ski hubs such as Idaho’s Sun Valley and Montana’s Big Sky also generally have loads of snowshoeing options on tap as well.

Snowshoe The Pacific Northwest

The mountains of the Pacific Northwest, particularly the coastal ranges and the Cascades’ windward slope, pile up with some of the world’s greatest snow loads. Combine the epic snowpacks with an über-enthusiastic and well-established outdoors culture, and you’ve got another knockout option for a snowshoeing getaway—Trek in the shadow of such stunning volcanic snow peaks as Mount Hood or Mount Rainier. Circle the caldera jewel of Crater Lake, take a ranger-led walkabout up on Hurricane Ridge in the maritime Olympic Mountains, or wander the fabulously extensive trails of Washington’s Methow Valley in the lee of the glorious North Cascades.

Crescent Moon Snowshoeing in the U.S.’s Great Snowscapes

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