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Best hikes in Colorado

Best hikes in Colorado

Posted by Crescent Moon on Mar 12th 2021

Colorado is one of the best states for hiking and enjoying the outdoors in general. You have many different options to choose from if you're looking for a great hike in the state. Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk or a challenging trek up a 14er, you can find what you're looking for in Colorado.

The following are six of the best hikes in Colorado to check out.

Hike Colorado's Bison Peak

Bison Peak is a trail that is very long but not necessarily very difficult. The hike is not far from the town of Florissant, which is roughly 100 miles southwest of Denver. The Bison Peak Summit Trail is almost 12 miles long, and the trail’s elevation gain is 3,736 feet. If you manage to complete the Bison Peak trail, you'll reach a height of 12,431 feet. Remember to pack enough water and bring hiking poles to provide stability through some of the trail’s steeper portions.

Garden of the Gods Hiking Trail In Colorado

The Garden of the Gods is a memorable hiking destination near Colorado Springs. If you visit this part of Colorado, hike the Perkins Central Garden Loop to view a unique landscape type. This hike is relatively easy, with a length of only about 1.5 miles. Another thing that makes this hike easy is that it doesn't climb significantly in elevation. However, it's a beautiful, unforgettable hike with extraordinary views all around.

Emerald Lake Trail Colorado Hiking

You'll find this trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. The Emerald Lake Trail is 3.3 miles long and has an elevation gain of only 702 feet. This makes it moderately difficult. This hike features lake views and opportunities for viewing wildlife and wildflowers.

Hike Colorado Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

Maxwell Falls is a trail of moderate difficulty that is in the Arapaho National Forest. This loop trail is a little over four miles long. In addition to hikers, you'll also see horseback riders and mountain bikers on this trail. One great feature of the Maxwell Falls Lower Trail is the waterfall views you'll enjoy. You can access this trail via the trailhead located near the town of Conifer.

Hike Colorado's Mount Bierstadt Trail

If you're looking for a challenging trail with significant elevation gain, give the Mount Bierstadt Trail a try. This trail is near Silver Plume in the Mount Evans Wilderness. To complete this trail, you'll need to climb 2,782 feet in elevation. It’s best to do this hike during the warmer parts of the year between June and September to avoid the ice because of the fairly high elevations. Keep in mind that this trail includes some rock scramble portions.

Caribou Lake Hiking Trails In Colorado

If you want to go hiking without straying too far from Denver, you can hike Caribou Lake. This hike is near Nederland in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The Caribou Lake trail is fairly long, with a total length of 8.8 miles. It is a strenuous hike with opportunities for fishing, camping, lake views, and more.

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