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Best Places to Snowshoe in Colorado

Best Places to Snowshoe in Colorado

Posted by Crescent Moon on Oct 20th 2020

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. It is known for its clean air, gorgeous outdoors, and ample access to mountains, hiking trails, kayaking, and more. One of the most popular activities in Colorado is snowshoeing. With the tremendous amount of snow that CO gets every year, it is easy to see why snowshoeing is so popular among residents and visitors alike. With this in mind, there are a handful of fantastic areas that have excellent snowshoeing trails for people of all abilities.

The Bear Lake Trial in the Rocky Mountain National Park

Those who are looking for a delightful snowshoeing trail in CO should check out the Bear Lake Trial located in the scenic Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a beginner trail that fluctuates slightly in difficulty depending on the amount of snow on the ground. During the winter, the crowds tend to die down; however, during vacation times, the crowds do tend to fill this trail. The loop is delightful, at just under a mile. The terrain is pretty flat, making it a great place for people to start their snowshoeing experience. Crescent Moon foam snowshoes are the perfect pair for everyone from beginners to experts and everyone in between!

Snowshoe Walker Ranch Loop in Boulder, CO

The Walker Ranch Loop is well-known throughout the snowshoeing community in the CO area. This trail is located around 10 miles away from Flagstaff Road, located in Boulder. This is one of the more challenging snowshoeing trails in CO. The loop is just under 8 miles, making it relatively long. Furthermore, there is a substantial amount of elevation change throughout, making it a workout. In addition, those who are looking to change it up can take this loop in either direction. This makes this snowshoeing trail unique among some of the other options in CO.

The Cheesman Ranch Trail in the Mueller State Park

The Cheesman Ranch Trail is located in Southern Colorado in the Mueller State Park. This is one of many outstanding snowshoeing trails located near CO Springs. This is a classic and is an intermediate trail. It is a bit lengthy at 8.5 miles; however, the intermediate difficulty also means that it can be accomplished at a relaxed pace with family and friends who are looking to explore the great outdoors. Furthermore, there are old ranching homesteads that are scattered throughout the trail which make for great breaks and educational opportunities.

Snowshoe Ironton Park in Ouray Colorado

About 10 miles away from Ouray is Ironton Park, which has a variety of snowshoeing trails for people to explore. The most popular trail in this area is the Townsite Loop which is around two miles long. There isn't a lot of elevation change, so this is a beginner to intermediate trail. One of the facets of this trail which makes it unique is the numerous access to old buildings. There is a ghost town situated around this loop that people can explore. There are other fantastic snowshoeing trails that people can check out in Ironton Park as well.

The Old Monarch Pass in Salida is a Snowshoe Gem

The Old Monarch Pass is another popular snowshoeing trail in CO. This is one of the most difficult trails that people can take in CO because of the terrain variety. The terrain can change quickly, so people need to be ready for everything. This is a 3-mile trip; however, with the terrain changes, it might feel a bit longer than that. Throughout the trail, there will be plenty of areas to explore. Those who like a compact adventure will want to check out the snowshoeing trail at the Old Monarch Pass.

Invest in High-Quality Snowshoeing Equipment from Crescent Moon

These are only a few of the numerous areas in CO that have exceptional trails for snowshoeing. When someone goes snowshoeing, it is important to make sure that everyone has high-quality equipment that can elevate their experience. Those who are looking for snowshoeing equipment should take a look at the large selection from Crescent Moon. Crescent Moon invests in the latest shoes for outdoor activities ranging from snowshoeing to hiking, walking, and more. Don't go snowshoeing without the latest shoes from Crescent Moon. They will elevate everyone's snowshoeing experience on the finest trails in CO.

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