Made by Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon accessories can make your snowshoe experience even more enjoyable. Using poles can improve your balance and make climbing a lot easier. If you¹re carrying a backpack poles can increase your comfort and capability. From head (hats) to toe (booties), we¹ve got you covered.

Crescent Moon Poles

3 Section Collapsible

Recommended for hikers, snowshoers, and even backcountry skiers between 4’6″ and 6’4″ tall. The 3 section poles collapse to 24″ long and make them ideal to store or to put in a backpack. The spring loaded mechanism inside the pole can be twist adjusted to absorb shock or not, making it ideal for climbing (shock off) or descending (shock on) and all terrain. Carbide tungsten tips, removable rubber tip covers, 2 baskets for both winter and summer and a sweat-resistant polyurethane handle-grip and strap are also featured. The trekking poles are an excellent value and make snowshoeing or hiking more enjoyable improving balance and reducing fatigue.

Price $59.00

Permagrip Traction System

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough snow to justify a full snowshoe. That’s when you need the Permagrip Traction system which slips on right over your boots using the Crescent Moon SPL binding system to secure an aggressive toe and mid-foot crampon combination under the soles of your shoes. Perfect for icy, muddy, or slippery conditions such as spring or early winter trails. You can run or jog or walk with the Permagrips and you’ll feel like a snow spider as you claw you’re way up steep icy trails where no one else can go. (except others with Permagrips).





Price $79.00

Snowshoe Carry Bags

Heavy Duty Cordura, double zipper, ventilated front pocket, water-proof liner snowshoe carrying bag will hold 1 pair of Crescent Moon snowshoes, not including the Model 17. Bandelero style bag worn over one shoulder is both handsome as well as very durable.


Price $47.50


Over- shoe and boot protection from wet and cold. The single best accessory you’ll ever have for snowshoeing! 6mm of thick neoprene wrapped entirely around your feet and over your most comfortable performance shoes will keep you warm, dry and very lightweight when you snowshoe.   The CMS booties fit up to size 12 and allow you to wear you’re running shoes, or lightweight hiking boots or any other athletic shoe to compliment the excellent design of the SPL binding systems on all the Crescent Moon snowshoes.     2 sizes:

Sm/Med: fits women size 6-9.5, men’s size – up to size 8
Large: fits women size 10 – 14, men’s sizes 8.5 – 12
Price $47.50

T-Shirts, Beanies & Ball Caps

Beefy T’s, Ball Caps and microfleece Beanies come adorned with the Crescent Moon logo and are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Tees are available in white or black. Beanies are available in black only. Ball caps are available in tan only.

Price $25.00