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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Kids Foam Snowshoe Activities

Kids Foam Snowshoe Activities

Posted by Crescent Moon on Jan 21st 2021

Kids foam snowshoes don't get much more straightforward or more intuitive than hook and loop! The Velcro-like material is “military-grade,” specifically designed to resist snow and ice buildup. These kids foam snowshoes are so lightweight that it feels like you're walking on clouds, and, unlike other snowshoes, they are completely silent. With one wide foot strap, these kids foam snowshoes are extremely easy to put on and take off! The winter gets a lot more fun when you add in new ways to get outdoors and explore with your kids foam snowshoes. 

Kid’s Snowshoes – Volt Green

Kids Foam Snowshoes Are Perfect For Winter Fun!

Whether the kids are playing around in the backyard, going for a hike, or ice fishing, these kids foam snowshoes make life more fun for the whole family! Kids foam snowshoes are highly recommended for trails and in packed powder conditions and offer a more comfortable and quiet snowshoeing experience.

Kids Foam Snowshoes For Ice Fishing

Anyone who has taken a kid ice fishing knows the potential pitfalls and learns fast how to plan for them. When you have to hike across the lake to get to the perfect fishing spot, it’s hard work for little legs. Kids foam snowshoes are lightweight and allow a more natural gait than many other snowshoes. You can make the long walk a bit easier when you have your kids wear foam snowshoes. Once you find the spot, the ice auger comes out, and you create numerous holes in the ice. Inevitably kids will find those and step right into them. Wet feet will lead to a safety issue, so your day is done. Even if you planned ahead and brought a change of clothes, boots, and snow gear, the holes are still there, just waiting for little feet to fall into again. Foam snowshoes will create a larger footprint and keep those feet a bit more protected. Lastly, adding a foam layer by wearing foam snowshoes will add a layer of insulation between your kiddo’s feet and the ice, keeping them warmer than if they were just standing on the ice directly. The longer you can keep your kids warm and dry, the longer you get to fish. It’s a win-win!

Kids Foam Snowshoes For Backyard Games

This is a winter unlike any other. We are all home and feeling trapped inside, wanting to send the kids out to play. A pair of kids foam snowshoes will allow you to send the kids out to play some games around the yard. A simple game of tag is challenging in the winter, but kid’s foam snowshoes make it possible and add a layer of excitement. Just a walk around the house or a quick race between siblings takes on a new look when you add snowshoes. The kid’s foam snowshoes are simple to put on; with just a single velcro strap, most kids can put them on themselves. Having another option at your disposal for day to day entertainment is more valuable than ever during the winter.

Kids Foam Snowshoes for Geocaching

Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by many families, but it can be challenging to get out and search in the winter. If your family has snowshoes, you can continue this hobby all winter long. Kids foam snowshoes will allow the smaller members of your family to keep up, even when the snow is deep, and the cache is hidden in a hard to reach area. Check out our blog on geocaching if you would like to learn more about this family-friendly hobby.

Kids Foam Snowshoes And Exploring Parks In The Winter

Kid’s Snowshoes – Candy Pink

Many state parks offer incredible trails and breathtaking scenery, and most people enjoy them in the non-winter months. With a pair of kids foam snowshoes and snowshoes for the rest of the family, you can explore the parks in the snow. What is interesting in the summer can be incredible in the winter. Waterfalls that flow in the warmer months will often freeze in part, leaving unbelievable ice sculptures and other exciting things to check out. If you haven’t checked out your local state parks, this winter is a great time to start. You can get outdoors, get some exercise, all while staying socially distant from other people who are likely doing the same.

If you are looking for activities that you can enjoy with your family and kids foam snowshoes, our blog section is full of trails that are tried and true, activities that are a perfect compliment to snowshoeing, and tips and tricks for how to get the most out of a snowshoe adventure. 

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