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Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories
Feb 15th - Feb 22nd! 20% Off all accessories


Posted by Crescent Moon on Feb 15th 2021

Accent your snowshoe experience with some of the most talked about snowshoe accessories. From hiking poles to carrying bags, these lightweight products can add just what you need to improve your next snowshoe adventure. You can't beat this pricing either! From February 15th - February 22nd, enjoy


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Crescent Moon Accessories Sale

Snowshoe Carry Bags

Snowshoe carry bags are made of Heavy Duty Cordura, with a double zipper, ventilated front pocket, water-proof liner and holds one pair of Crescent Moon snowshoes. Bandolero style bag worn over one shoulder - now you're cool.

 Carry Bags


Don't be left in the dark on your adventures with the Crescent Moon Headlamp. Ready for the outdoors, this headlamp offers four different light modes as well as a sensor mode. Powered by a rechargeable white LED light, this headlamp is your go to for outdoor activities!

Headlamp - accessory sale

Trekking Poles

Having trekking poles will definitely make your balance better, and in deep snow, will also make it easier to snowshoe. The first time you catch yourself from falling over, you'll quickly appreciate poles. There's no reason to fall first; get the poles and go right past the fall, straight into winter.

Aluminum Flip-Out All Season Trekking Poles (Yellow/White) Carbon Fiber Flip-Out All Season Trekking Poles (Black/White) Aluminum All Season Trekking Poles with Cork Grip (White)

 Adjustable Hiking Poles - Black

Snowshoe Booties

Snowshoe Booties are the perfect lightweight accessory to help keep your feet from getting cold and wet. Easily slide on over shoes or boots and offer one more layer of protection. The single best accessory you’ll ever have for snowshoeing!

Snowshoe Booties Extra Small

Telescoping Shovel

Dig your way out of any situation with our All-Purpose Durable Lightweight Telescoping Shovel with D-Handle that collapses into three component pieces to become the ultimate stow and go tool for your snowshoeing adventures.

Telescoping Shovel with D-Handle

Avalanche Probes

The Avalanche Probe is long enough for professionals and deep snowpack, with the benefit of being lightweight. The Avalanche Probe with Advanced Locking System is an absolute essential for backcountry travel.

Avalanche Probe with Advanced Locking System

Snowshoe Heel Lifts

If you're located in the mountains and you're snowshoeing up long, sustained climbs, a snowshoe heel lift might be exactly what the doctor ordered. These make climbing more efficient, comfortable (by reducing the strain on your calf muscles), and improve traction.

Snowshoe Heel Lifts

Check out all of our foam snowshoes, aluminum snowshoes and snowshoe accessories.

Foam Snowshoes Aluminum Snowshoes Snowshoe accessories