Snowshoes for KIDS & young adults up to 165 lbS
Trail Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is a very family oriented sport, and since kids come in all sizes,
we’ve made one for smaller kids, the “youth” model, and a model for those that aren’t
quite kids anymore but not yet adults either, called the Silver 13, which accommodates snowshoers up to 165lbs.
The Silver 13 features a lightweight aluminum crampon system and a redesigned binding for increased control and comfort,
and one of the most important considerations for parents, an easy to use binding system.
The Silver 13 also has a “kid friendly” exaggerated teardrop shape to make it easier to walk and
snowshoe than traditionally shaped shoes, designed specifically for short legs and short strides.


  • 3 lbs recommended for young snowshoers up to 165 lbs on trails and rolling hills
  • 8.5 x 24.5 in, exaggerated tear drop shape
  • Cam-locking buckle bindng system – easy to use
  • 3 aluminium crampon system including the intuitive toe design
  • Polished aluminum frame
  • Trail Snowshoes for Kids and Young Adults






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